Friday 8/8

We woke up early, the alarm stood at 5 am, but I was ready at 04:50. Because I was afraid to oversleep myself I was awake a lot. Stood up, woke the children, dressed, cleaned up the tents and packed the backpacks.
Before 06:30 we were at the bus and around eight o’clock we were in Nikkaluokta at the start.
Here Andreas Karlsson interviewed our family on camera. There was also a journalist of “Trekking & Hiking”, Timo de Boer, who also made a picture from us.
Andreas cederlund gave a speech prior to the start.
The weather soon became warmer and at 9:00 we started.
In the beginning was basically one long string of people who fanned later.
At ‘Lap Dånalds’ we had two reindeer burgers which were very tasty. Ruben and Ezra had a quick swim in the lake here.
At 1812 we were at Kebnekaise Fjällstation, where Mikael Kalmenborg clocked us in.
After we had a short break we walked a couple of kilometres till Ruben found a nice spot to pitch the tents. Here we put up our tents and the tarp for our gear.
Later Eirik and Mona joined us as well. Before the children went to bed, we had a campfire going. After we put the kids to bed we had diner around the campfire and chatted.
Later Sebastian, a German guy, came to join us. His burner didn’t fit on the primus gas canisters. To cook food he borrowed our burner.