Monday 11/8

Again up at 6 am and at 7:20 started walking.
After about 2 km, there were many more tents and ‘Candyman’ (Fredrik Byström) was there as well. He had already told us yesterday, but last night the boys could not go on. Therefor we decided to make camp prior to that spot.
Around ten o’clock we arrived at checkpoint Alesjaure. Here we had breakfast and gathered new food again. Here we met Sofia Jugård, one of the organizers we had met before.
Andreas Cederlund had a chat with me, just before he was picked up by helicopter.
Just after the checkpoint Ruben found the skull of a reindeer, which was put on a pole by someone. We had a quick dip in the lake as well.
The Candyman advised us to make camp half a kilometer prior to checkpoint Kieron. This was a really nice place to camp. It was situated just above the tree line with a very nice view. Because of the presence of the wind there would be little mosquitoes.
But because they serve pancakes at checkpoint Kieron the kids wanted to go to the checkpoint naturally.
Adults received four per person, for children it was unlimited. They have feasted on it, and the really deserved it!
Sofia was here and it was nice to meet her again. In the evening there was a campfire where we’ve been chatting. Cosy!