Saturday 9/8

Saturday 9/8
We got up at 6:30.
It took too long to get packed and therefor we just started walking at 815.
After we clocked in at checkpoint Singli, we got a suovas sandwich. The children had received four reindeer antlers from a woman.
After we had walked 22.2 kilometers that day, we made camp.
Again the weather was really nice today and fortunately slightly cooler.
Alin got an infected mosquito bite on her thigh, she became feverish from it. She had a hard time and the last kilometre I carried her backpack. She went in together with the children. After we made the tip of a knife sterile, I made a small incision. In the hope that the pressure would be relieved, but it did not.
I was afraid Alin would get really ill and that made me worried about it.