Sunday 10/8

Got up at 6 am and Alin felt much better. Now she had only a small sensitive spot on her thigh and there was nothing more to it.
We started walking at 07:15. We had a 7 km walk to checkpoint Salka. Here we got new meals and after we found some shelter from the wind, we ate our breakfast. Because the boys walked a little ahead they gathered their meals on their own. But of course way too many. Under parental supervision their meals were rearranged. They had only a dozen meals too much.
From here we walked to the Tjactapas. The climb was way more easy then we thought it would be. Significantly shorter and less steep than the Skuleberget at the Hoga Coasts Hike, which we hiked last summer.
At the ‘summit’ Alin had done a geocash. It was very windy up here, so we sat down in the hut we had lunch. The weather was good, but the wind was very cold.
At checkpoint Tjakta we got tea and cake. Afterwards we walked another 5 km. When we stopped at 21:15, we had walked 27.5 kilometers in total that day!
While pitching the tents, we treated the children chocolate mousse. Afterwards we had diner. Ruben and Job were looking for reindeer antlers.