Tuesday 12/8

There had been some rain last night.
Got up at 6:30 and the kids were going to get pancakes for breakfast.
Meanwhile, we had broken down the tents and packed as much as possible. After we were done, we also ate our breakfast.
Around eight o’clock we left, on to the finish! It was only 17 kilometers, but knowing this, it changed our mind setting. The kilometers crawled passed.
About three kilometers in front of the finish, it began to drizzle. After one more kilometer we got into our raingear.
We walked hand in hand to the finish and we got a huge applause! Incredibly, the people who stood outside, but also the people who were in the Trekkers Inn were all clapping and whistling and got outside to see us. It was emotional. So proud, happy and relieved!
The group of South Koreans thronged around us to take pictures.
According to the GPS we had walked 115.9 km in 101 hours and 45 minutes. Of which we had been walking for 34.51 hours. We had an average walking speed of 3.3 km / h. The total average speed including breaks, but no evening / night sleep was 2.0 km / h.

Andreas Karlsson came to have a chat with us. And Andrew Cederlund invited us to his speech in the Trekkers Inn and to have some of the anniversary cake. We allso were invited for the night, for they would have a surprise for the children.
Ezra received, as the youngest hiker, the first piece of the anniversary cake.
While eating some cake we have a little chat with Johan Skullman. He gave the boys a high five and Ezra got a hug.
Then I had to pitch up the tents in the rain, again. But we were really lucky with the weather during the trek.
When ready I went back to the Trekkers Inn. David and I had a delicious sandwich Suovas there.

A Dutch boy in his early twenties sat in the launch of the hotel, tired and exhausted. When he saw Ezra run his mouth fell open in surprise actually. In disbelieve, he asked Ezra if he had walked the Classic as well. A full of proud and enthusiastic “yes” was Ezra’s reply.
We were allowed to take a shower in the hotel room of Eirik and Mona
While showering Job had to vomit.
I returned the Trekkers Inn Ruben also was not feeling well. They wanted to go to bed, cried Ruben fatigue. Job hung on Alin her lap and Ruben lay on a bench.

They also had to show. They featured the full Fjällräven Polar 2014 movie. Again a goose-bumps moment. Ezra liked it so much that he wanted to sit down on my shoulders so he could see it.
Struggling waiting until nine o’clock.
Finally Sofia Jugård spoke and finally ten children were called forward under a huge applause. For their performance they received a FR backpack. After that they could finally go to bed.
Around ten o’clock we went in as well. So we could grab a good night sleep. Tomorrow we had to start our journey back home.
In the middle of the night Ruben threw up inside the tent. Just like that, out of the blue.
Two hours I had been busy to clean it u. They were sick of exhaustion.