Wednesday 13/8

At 10:30 we took, together with Eirik and Mona, the bus back to Kiruna AirPort.
It took just a little while and Job and Ezra fell asleep.
After we said goodbye to Eirik and Mona at the airport we walked to our car. We made some rearrangements with the backpacks and then we could leave.
On to the Ica to buy. bread, milk and dinner The boys were allowed to buy candy from their spared ‘deposit cans. Well, among all the goodies is not easy to make a choise. Ready?
To home then, and so we left from Kiruna to start our journey back home.
After driving for an hour I got really tired. In Gällivare we stopped driving because it was not save to drive any futher. Early to bed and make a fresh start tomorrow.